Black Gate
Technical Report No. 112

It's fatal for digital sets if you make a mistake to select CAPACITOR inside
A leading CPU company makes a dangerous bet that running through to a BLANK ZONE.
They ignore the theory of digital.

However, Non-polarized BLACK GATE breaks through all frequency bands easily
Which caps. do you choose for your future digital sets beings as a wise consumer?
Time-bomb ticks in Pentium motherboard: there has been a rumor so far, the accident becomes a reality at last as its processor was up-grade for the type II of 200Mhz.
A magazine had above underlined heading said a number of no-name brand electrolytic capacitor are used on the boards and they caused PCs out of spec.  It also mentioned PCs would be all right if these caps were replaced with tantalums or O.S.caps. Really?
It's too optimistic because there's no capacitor can operate perfectly over the frequency 200MHz. Without any improvement the mortal accident will occur which shakes the business at the company to its foundation.
[1]In the BLANK ZONE, there's no existence of capacitor can operate perfectly except BLACK GATE.
For the pulse transmission of 200Mhz, its band is required at least 10 times or more than the value of its pulse, hence there has to be 2GHz and above.  Please look at the "blank zone" on figure 1. If you use ordinary electrolytic capacitors on sets for this zone ignoring its theory, the phase changes widely, the pulse spacing isn't working properly and the CPU gets a heart attack, then it will be greatly damaged (that's a common knowledge about pulse transmission!). For this blank zone, no capacitors which could operate perfectly has been invented except Black Gate.
[2]Reliability of dry-type electrolytic capacitor is the worst in all kinds of caps.
We measured the distortion (=reliability) about dry-type electrolytic caps: a tantalum, an O.S.cap. and an aluminum solid by CLT-1 EX: a distortion measuring device having the, highest sensitivity. The result is on Figure 2. All the dry-type ones are over the standard level of -120dB by far, the worst in all kinds of caps.
Moreover, they are weak at the reverse pulse, but there has been no announcement that this point can be improved.
Dry-type ones have to be non-polarized originally, however, it has been impossible to produce it yet. This is the another reason make their reliability the worst.
*Non-polarized Black Gate is the champion of super high-speed digital transfer
As you are aware, Black Gate is the greatest invention of the century that makes a new genre. The internal speed of this becomes the Transcendence Electron Transfer: it's nearly a light velocity. Moreover, the frequency range reaches even 10GHz. Therefore the Black Gate satisfies the above heads not only [1], but also [2] about reliability: the best capacitor in the world Please look at Figure 3:  BG wins as a champion literally by an overwhelming margin over any other electrolytic capacitors. This is the ideal one which for the companies pursue digital has been waiting for eagerly. We expect very much that motivated firm will start using the Black Gate.
Figure 1:Working frequency range of various capacitors.
Figure 2: Reliability characteristics at various capacitors
Figures 1-3