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Loudspeaker design cook book V7
The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook, New 7th Edition(喇叭製造參考手冊,7版),275*
Everything you need to become a better speaker designer. Build your dream speaker for your Home, Car and Home theater
- Major study on cabinet diffraction and reflection.
Focus on: Enclosure shape, Update of Olson's Classic Work, Driver baffle placement, Includes objective measurement and subjective evaluations.
- Woofer Linearity
How to produce linear behavior with low distortion
- Loudspeaker 'Voicing'
Tips to ensure a great-sounding speaker
- Software Update
The latest loudspeaker design and room interfacing products
- Extensive Studies use LEAP 5.0 and Klippel Analyzer

by Vance Dickason

Now available in this newly revised edition, the 7th edition is expanded to include Klippel analysis of drivers,
a new chapter on loudspeaker voicing which details how to tweak a completed loudspeaker design and includes advice on testing and crossover changes.
The chapter on loudspeaker CAD software has been updated. A free companion CD is available to purchasers of this new edition.
It contains over 100 additional figures which complete the diffraction stidy in Chapter 6 and includes a copy of LDC7 Design Suite software,
a set of loudspeaker design tools.

2005, 295pp., 8 1/2" x 11", softbound.
1.54 lbs

How Loudspeakers Work;
CHAPTER 1. Closed-Box Low-Frequency Systems;
CHAPTER 2. Vented-Box Low-Frequency Systems;
CHAPTER 3. Passive-Radiator Low Frequency Systems;
CHAPTER 4. Transmission Line Low-Frequency Systems;
CHAPTER 5. Cabinet Construction: Shape and Damping;
CHAPTER 6. Loudspeaker Baffles: Driver Location, Separation, and Other Considerations;
CHAPTER 7. Passive and Active Crossover Networks;
CHAPTER 8. Loudspeaker Testing;
CHAPTER 9. CAD Software for Loudspeaker Design and Loudspeaker Room Interfacing;
CHAPTER 10. Home Theater Loudspeakers;
CHAPTER 11. Car Audio Loudspeakers;
CHAPTER 12. Two System Designs: Home Theater and A Studio Monitor


Ribbon Loudspeakers(絲帶喇叭,76頁)
Theory and Construction by Justus V. Verhagen,Ph.D.
Author hopes that reading this book will allow others to skip that slow evolutionary process and be able to understand, design,build, and evaluate state-of-art ribbon speakers within a week's time.


Speaker Building 201(喇叭製造201),
A Comprehensive Course in Speaker Design, with 11 completely designed speaker systems including a 5.1 home theater system
Your guide to understanding the mysteries of speakers, A perfect mix of theory and practical application
For beginners and serious enthusiasts
喇叭設計綜合課程, 11種完整的喇叭設計包括5.1家庭劇院系統
你了解神秘喇叭的指導方針, 完美的結合理論和實際應用
AALP Audio Amateur Loudspeaker Projects(喇叭製造專案例),
涵蓋1970-1979年間, 25種喇叭, 築構案例、基礎理論、實作. 重要技術推演參考
ILS Introduction to Loudspeaker Design by John L. Murphy(喇叭設計介紹),166頁
LSFM  Speaker Builder's Loudspeakers for musicians(演奏家的喇叭音箱製造10案例),74頁 *
LDCB6 The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook New,expanded 6 Edition(喇叭製造參考手冊,6版),280*
Everything you need to know to build that dream loudspeaker system for your home, your car, or your new home theater, but thought you couldn't afford.
Build these New Design: A home Theater or Studio Monitors too.
ACUSM ACOUSTICAL Measurements by Leo L. Beranek of Acoustical Society of America , Revised(聲頻量測,)精裝本841頁 *
LSCB Loud Speaker Designing Cookbook(喇叭製造參考手冊) 
阻尼設計原理、結構、尺寸、分頻網路、公式.第四版(FOURTH EDITION)
LHB Loudspeaker Handbook by John Eargle(喇叭手冊) 職前級理論與實務, 325頁精裝本
DBTSS Designing, Building and Testing Your Own Speaker System with projects 
by David Weems.(設計、製造與測試自己裝喇叭系統)四版、實例製作
ELDC Electronic Loudspeaker Design and Construction(電子分音設計與構築),241頁
HPL High Performance Loudspeakers(高性能喇叭系統,教科書必備) 
4版,增加篇目;Bandpass enclosures, Film Transducers, Ribbon Speakers, 
Digit filters + Digital Louderspeaks patent, Isobarik Enclosure...
TELDC The Electrostatic Loudspeaker Design Cookbook(靜電喇叭設計手冊),202頁
TDLE Theory and Design of Loudspeaker Enclosures(喇叭音箱設計理論),244頁
TLPK TESTING Loudspeakers by Joseph D'Appolito(測試揚聲系統), 174頁
DIY70 70 UNIQUE DIY Loudspeaker Enclosure IDEAS(音箱70種設計構想)
CPNM Cabinet making Pattern making and Millwork(箱櫃.型式製作與木工),437頁
LSP LOUDSPEAKERS The Why & How Of Good Reproduction 
(如何再生好的喇叭系統與原理) by G. A. Briggs. 第四再版 
LR1 Loudspeaker RECIPES, book 1,Vance Diskason(喇叭設計秘訣),112頁
WEHB Wood Engineering Handbook,2nd edition(原木工程參考手冊),23章節
ACOUSP ACOUSTICS-An introduction to it's physical principles and applications by ALLAN D. PIERCE(聲頻學)精裝本678 pages *
ANP Acoustics and Psychoacoustics- Music technology series by David M. Howard & James Angus(Principles of human perception of sound)365 pages
ACOUSB ACOUSTICS-An introduction and terminology, Enclosures, Horn loudspeakers, Sound in enclosures, Noise control, Acoustic measurements...etc by Leo L. Beranek(聲頻學)精裝本491 pages *
SPK19PJ Speaker Builder's Loudspeaker Projects #1- 19 top-quality designs you can build(19種高品質喇叭系統製作專案) 101 pages *

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