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HEA The Complete Guide to High-End Audio(Hi-End音響完全手冊),450頁
FIHF  *Firsts in High Fidelity(管球高傳真的初始),267 pages
The Products and History of H. J. Leak & Co. Ltd. by Stephen Spicer *
JAE   The Joy of Audio Electronics by Charles Hansen. The book to start you on the exciting and fulfilling voyage to building your own audio and projects!,(音響電子之樂,試作專案)124 pages*
MHACU The Master HandbooK of Acoustics,3rd Edition,by Alton Everest,-completely updated and expanded to include new chapters on computer-aided acoustical room design, digital and analog sound processing, and synthesizer/midi studio acoustics(聲頻學主手冊,第三版)452 pages*
RDHB 香港發燒音響書評介紹內容 Radio Designer's Handbook,4th edition 1953, revised 1967(音響設計家手冊)精裝本1498 pages(6/26/99) *
LPBK  The LP is Back!,35 articles!(LP唱盤又回來了!LP的整理與維護完全指導,159 pages) *
UTSG  The Ultimate Tube Substitution Guide 1906-1959(管球替代引導,230 pages) *
AE Audio Electronics by John Linsley Hood(音響電子學,數位與類比,The art of linear electronics的作者)351 pages *
ACUS ACOUSTICS by Leo L. Beranek(音響學,與一般不同的是特別強調電子電路理論實務應用的問題因應之道),精裝本491 pages *
ACUSA ACOUSTICS An introduction to it's Physical Principles and Applications by Allan D. Pierce(音響學),精裝本678 pages *
ANP Acoustics and Psychoacoustics(音響學與音響心理學, ) By David M. Howard and James Angus, 364 pages
NYAS OPERATING FEATURES OF THE AUDION by Annals Of The New York Academy Of Sciences(New York科技學有關音響工作原理資料),26 pages
KCS Killer Car Stereo On A Budget(汽車音響效果改良專題討論)
DAE Digital Audio Engineering-An anthology(數位音響文選工程),144 pages
FMA Fundamentals Of Music Acoustics(音響學基礎) by Arthur H. Benade
VHFS Vintage Hi-Fi Spotter's Guide, V.1 Vacuum Tube Equipment 1947-62 & V.2 Audio Equipment 1929-63 Speaker Spotter (古典器材覽集), 約85 pages
PDA Principles of Digital Audio(數位音響原理準則精論) 
by K.C. Pohlmann, 再版, 474 pages
UAS ULTIMATE AUTO SOUND: Your Guide to Heaven on Wheels(車用音響按裝),110 pages
WEF The WOOD EFFECT-Unaccounted contributor to Error and Confusion in Acoustics and Audio(值得細讀的有關相位發現與歷史記述), 103 pages
TFDP Theatres For Drama Performance-recent experiences in acoustical design(劇院的聲學設計戲劇功能),122 pages
TAR The Art of Recording(錄音學)
HTUOA How To Use Op Amps(如何使用OP Amps), 154 pages
AFC Active Filter Cookbook-Your definitive resource for the use and understanding of inductorless lowpass, bandpass, and high pass opamp resident electronic filters(OP.Amp主動式電子分音範本,17th classic printing)
HBFSE Handbook for sound engineers,the new audio cyclopedia,2nd edition(聲音工程百科手冊),,精裝本1506 pages
BETI Build your own Electronic test instruments, by Elektor Electronics UK(自己裝電子測試儀器)449 pages 

Audio Anthology(音響文選精華) 
AREALAudio Reality Audio Reality plus six projects you can build!, by Bruce Rozenblit (音響真相,127 pages) 
AFAD An approach to AUDIO FREQUENCY AMPLIFIER DESIGN,a publication of the General Electric Co. Ltd. Of England(17 circuit from 5-1100 watts)*
APADH Audio Power Amplifer Design Handbook(前後級設計手冊), by Douglas Self, 315 pages 
AAC Audio Amplifier Construction(前後級擴大機建構),100 pages
AVA Build your own Audio Valve Amplifiers by Rainer Zur Linde (自己裝管球擴大機), 251 pages 
HEAE Build your own High-End Audio Equipment (自己裝Hi-End音響器材,擴大機,主動式分頻器, 主動式超低音,量測...)262 pages *
DRB DEUTSCHE RADIO-BUCHEREI(德國製真空管工作方式,特性,線路圖,數據)德文112 pages *
HPAPA High Performance Audio Power Amplifiers By Ben Duncan(高性能後級)精裝本463 pages *
VTLPT VTL pure tube, this book tells you everything you've ever wanted to know about tube amplifiers,by the foremost authority on the subject.(告訴你所有相關的管機工作原理,特性)183 pages *
VA Valve Amplifiers by Morgan Jones(真空管擴大機-設計,製造,線路), 374 pages **
VTL The Vacuum Tube Logic Book(VTL真空管機設計邏輯) 第二版
TAD Tube Audio Design-beginner's guide(真空管機設計指導) 133 pages
HSTA How To Service Your Own Tube Amp(如何修理管機), 
HPA High PowerAudio Amplifiers(高功率擴大機)
HPAAC High Power Audio Amplifier Construction by RA Penfold(高功率擴大機構築)背景資料,76 pages
TAV BOTTLES, The Tube Amp. Video(名機管機+管球85分鐘VHS影帶)
WAD The WILLIAMSON Amplifier-Design for a Hi-Quality Amplifier 
TAM The tube Amp Book,Volume 3(名吉他真空管擴大機線路書冊)
RORF RORFORSTARKARE(德文,網羅許多老線路圖),147 pages *
ROHR rohrenverstarker(德文,網羅當今知名擴大機精美圖文),147 pages
PAP Power Amp Projects(搜集Audio Amateur26種後級設計專案),207 pages
PAF Preamplifier and Filter Circuits(前級與濾波線路),92 pages

CMMV  Catalogue of Mullard master Valves(Mullard管目錄特性資料),88 pages 
FRVT Fundamentals of Radio-Valve Technique, by J. Deketh(發射管技術原理,Philips 技術圖書館編著),535 pages
TL  Tube Lore, A reference for user and collectors(管球傳奇),186 pages*
ETL Electron Tube Locator by George H. Fathauer(管球搜尋家),5大篇 *
RVG A Comprehensive Radio Valve Guide, Book 5, Characteristics and base connections for English, European, American, USSR and Japanese Valves 1960-1963(廣泛的發射管特性導引)44 pages *
TM/GE Essential Characteristics(奇異管球特性手冊). 1973年初版
HBRV History of the British Radio Valve to 1940(1940年之前英製管球歷史),212 pages
TUSUB TUBE SUBSTITUTION HANDBOOK-complete handbook to replacements for vacuum tubes and picture tubes(真空管替換手冊)
MVG The Mullard master valve guide 1933-4(原版Mullard1933-4管球手冊),97 pages
EUVM Electronic Universal Vade-Mecum(精裝本世界管球手冊), 442 pages
RRTM RCA Receiving Tube Manual(RCA受信管特性手冊),384 pages
RTT RCA Transmitting Tubes(RCA發射管特性手冊),316 pages
RTM Radio Tube Manual-Data for early tubes through loktals(發射管特性手冊),39 pages
TRR Telefunken ROHREN FUR DEN RUNDFUNK(德律風根管原廠典藏特性資料)德文47 pages *
PVTH Power Vacuum Tubes Handbook(功率真空管手冊),609 pages
VAFA VALVES FOR AUDIO FREQUENCY AMPLIFIERS(音頻擴大機用真空管),With Full Details for Building Eight circuits,144 pages *
VAMP Valve Amplifiers by Morgan Jones(真空管擴大機), 實務工程設計與製作,374 pages *

AALP Audio Amateur Loudspeaker Projects(喇叭製造專案例),
涵蓋1970-1979年間, 25種喇叭, 築構案例、基礎理論、實作. 重要技術推演參考
LSFM  Speaker Builder's Loudspeakers for musicians(演奏家的喇叭音箱製造10案例),74 pages *
ACUSM ACOUSTICAL Measurements by Leo L. Beranek of Acoustical Society of America , Revised(聲頻量測,)精裝本841 pages *
LSCB Loud Speaker Designing Cookbook(喇叭製造參考手冊) 
阻尼設計原理、結構、尺寸、分頻網路、公式.第四版(FOURTH EDITION)
LHB Loudspeaker Handbook by John Eargle(喇叭手冊) 職前級理論與實務, 325頁精裝本
DBTSS Designing, Building and Testing Your Own Speaker System with projects 
by David Weems.(設計、製造與測試自己裝喇叭系統)四版、實例製作
ELDC Electronic Loudspeaker Design and Construction(電子分音設計與構築),241 pages
HPL High Performance Loudspeakers(高性能喇叭系統,教科書必備) 
4版,增加篇目;Bandpass enclosures, Film Transducers, Ribbon Speakers, 
Digit filters + Digital Louderspeaks patent, Isobarik Enclosure...
TELDC The Electrostatic Loudspeaker Design Cookbook(靜電喇叭設計手冊),202 pages
TDLE Theory and Design of Loudspeaker Enclosures(喇叭音箱設計理論),244 pages
TLPK TESTING Loudspeakers by Joseph D'Appolito(測試揚聲系統), 174 pages
DIY70 70 UNIQUE DIY Loudspeaker Enclosure IDEAS(音箱70種設計構想)
CPNM Cabinetmaking Patternmaking and Millwork(箱櫃.型式製作與木工),437 pages
LSP LOUDSPEAKERS The Why & How Of Good Reproduction 
(如何再生好的喇叭系統與原理) by G. A. Briggs. 第四再版 
LR1 Loudspeaker RECIPES, book 1,Vance Diskason(喇叭設計秘訣),112 pages
WEHB Wood Engineering Handbook,2nd edition(原木工程參考手冊),23章節
ACOUSP ACOUSTICS-An introduction to it's physical principles and applications by ALLAN D. PIERCE(聲頻學)精裝本678 pages *
ANP Acoustics and Psychoacoustics- Music technology series by David M. Howard & James Angus(Principles of human perception of sound)365 pages
ACOUSB ACOUSTICS-An introduction and terminology,Enclosures, Horn loudspeakers, Sound in enclosures, Noise control, Acoustic measurements...etc by Leo L. Beranek(聲頻學)精裝本491 pages *
SPK19PJ Speaker Builder's Loudspeaker Projects #1- 19 top-quality designs you can build(19種高品質喇叭系統製作專案) 101 pages *


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