Silver Sonic T-14 High Resolution speaker cable
- an excellent choice for both tube and solid state amplifiers -

Silver Sonic T-14 High Resolution speaker cable was designed to provide the highest quality sound on a wide range of equipments at much lower price than competing cables. T-14 uses the finest materials available, including silver coated conductors and a pure Teflon dielectric. Silver coated OFC copper was chosen because it offers most of the advantages of pure silver wire without the extreme cost.

The cable is completely manufactured in the U.S.A. The process begins with strands of high purity OFC copper, which are individually coated with a thick layer of silver. The strands are then tightly wound and extruded with our Teflon insulations.
Silver Sonic T-14 uses DuPont TFE, which is the highest grade of Teflon(and the most expensive). It is more difficult to extrude then the other polymers, but its extremely low dissipation factor contributes to its superior sound. The use of Teflon also allowed us to achieve another of our goals,which was a low overall diameter. 
The cable's low profile contributes to its attractive appearance, which we believe is important since most people do not have dedicated listening rooms.

Our quality is second to none. We test every spool of Silver Sonic cable for several electrical parameters. In addition, the primary insulation is tested to insure that there are no pinholes, which might allow the conductors to oxidize. Our Teflon insulators meet mil-spec. 
Silver Sonic T-14 speaker cable has a very low capacitance of 21.5 pico-farads per foot. The inductance is also very low, which allows consistent performance with a wide variety of speakers. In fact, A ten foot length of this cable has less inductance than the output stages of many amplifiers! Vibration damping fillers and a tensioned wrap under the jacket hold the conductors tightly in place, and the cable is completely free from resonances and microphonic effects that cause a loss of resolution. From the deepest bass to the highest treble, T-14 provides the most transparent sound possible, with precise imaging and a large, deep sound stage. 

These features make Silver Sonic an excellent choice for both tube and solid state amplifiers.


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Last updated on 9/10/99