Silver Sonic D-75 Digital Interconnect Cable
- Makes it superior for both digital audio and video use -


Silver Sonic D-75 Digital Interconnect Cable

The D-75 is a precision 75 ohm coaxial digital cable designed for accurate handling of digital audio signals. The most common use for this cable is to connect the digital output of a CD transport to an outboard Digital to Analog converter or other digital processor. Several features of this cable make it superior for both digital audio and video use.

A solid center conductor is used to maintain the most uniform impedance. This minimizes signal reflections, which is very important in digital data cables. The center conductor is encased in a foam Teflon dielectric, which has an extremely low dielectric constant of under 1.4. This provides the lowest dielectric absorption and loss. 

Noise rejection is maximized by a 2 Layer shield. This dual shield provides 100% coverage for complete immunity to noise. The combination of a 100% aluminum Mylar shield and a heavy braid keeps ground resistance as low as possible. 

The D-75 is available in bulk or carefully terminated with our unique coaxial RCA connector, for minimum reflection and optimum signal transfer. For maximum performance, 75 ohm BNC connectors are available as an option.

In continuing with our policy of providing maximum value, the D-75 costs much less than other digital cables that offer a comparable level of performance.


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Last updated on 9/10/99