The Connecting Technology for better Audio & Video enjoyments

Gold plated connecting in Data/Scart/Inter Connectors, Banana/Jack/BNC/XLR Plugs, Spades ...

Supra-BNC BNC plugs
24 K gold plated, with teflon insulation
For cable diameters of 7-8.5mm, 8 dia. mm x 53mm

Supra-MP8 Mini Jack plug Stereo
24K gold plated mini plug 3.5mm with shielded housing,
Holds cables up to 8mm,  7mm dia x 53mm
Scart Home Theather use

Supra-scart SCART plug
24K gold plated scart connector with shielding housing of metal,
The plate around the pins is formed to make a strong grip by means of friction locking.
Squeeze clamping of the cable, fits cable diameter 8-11 mm
Application example: DDVD to TV
Supra-DB25-M RS232 Data Plug
24K gold plated DB25 plugs with metalized shielding housing
male, fits cable diameter of 5-11mm.

Supra-DB25-F RS232 Data Plug
-- ditto -- but female
Supra-htd HDMI to DVI adaptor
gold plated contact, 70mm x 41 mm width

Supra-spade Spade plug
24K gold plated milled spade,  Y spade dia. 7mm,
the cable can be connected either on axis or on a 90
° angle.
fits up to 5.5mm of cable
overall: 26mm x 11mm x 13mm

Supra-Fork SUPRA L spade
24K gold plated. fork width 5.5 mm. connected on axis or on a 90° angle. Fits up to 10 mm2 cables.
Adapter screw for 4 mm Banana plug

Supra-Y Supra Y spade Plug
24K gold plated, screw on Y spade
Holds up to 5mm cable & banana socket

Supra-BNA Supra Banana Plug
24K gold plated, screw on banana pin
Holds up to 5mm cable & banana socket

Supra Y spade tip, holds 9mm dia.

Supra Banana pin tip

Supra-banana Banaba Plug
24K gold plated, string tight banana plug
Holds 4mm and up to 8mm cables.
Banana plug can be connected either on axis or at a 90
° angle, black and red housing
Supra XLR-M  & Supra XLR-F Supra-XLR-M Swift LXR Au set
Male, XLR connector with 24K gold plated pins,
Fully shielded for noise rejection
Easy assembly, no loosable screws,
nothing to slip on the cable before soldering

Supra-XLR-F Swift LXR Au set
-- ditto -- same as above but female plug(shown at the right photo)

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last updated on 12/11/05