Liberty PRAXIS Audpod package    
Loudspeaker Measuring System Software

- PRAXIS Audpod package (AudPod box, cables, and software)
喇叭量測系統, 軟體Praxis + 聲音處埋擴充卡Sound Card (ESI Waveterminal 192X/AudioTrak MAYA 5.1 USB)
+ Girardin calibrated microphone已校正麥克風

* Window系統簡易操作, 功能頗強, 詳細特性和產品, 請參照原廠網頁
* 滿足喇叭揚聲器系統,單體係數, 功率擴大機和房間頻率響應...種種的量測需求.
* 接受訂貨中, 價格競爭!

Harristech software BassBox Pro+X.over Pro
Product of Harris Technologies, INC.
電腦WINDOWS畫面操作, 功能強勁, 設計從此駕輕就熟, 專業生產與業餘皆宜.

BassBox Pro
High-performance speaker box design software for microsoft Windows
Now Version 6.013

What is BassBox Pro?
BassBox Pro is a state-of-the-art speaker enclosure design program. 
It can help you design a wide variety of speaker boxes for many different applications including home hi-fi, home theater, car, truck, van, pro sound reinforcement, recording studio monitors, stage monitors PA, musical instruments, etc.

BassBox Pro helps you design a speaker box in three ways: 
1) it models how a speaker will sound; 
2) it models the maximum loudness and power limits of a speaker; and 
3) it helps you calculate the box dimensions.

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X.over Pro
Passive crossover network design software for Microsoft WINDOWS
Now Version 3.08

What is X.over Pro?
X.over Pro is an innovative passive network design program. it can help you design a 2-way or 3-way passive crossover network, a high-pass, band-pass or low-pass filter, an impedance equalization network, an L-pad and a series or parallel notch filter.

X.over Pro helps you design passive networks in two ways: 
1) It calculates the component values for the desired network. 
2) Using the driver and box Thiele-Small parameters, it models the system response of the network and speaker. 
This latter capability is very valuable when you want to see what happens when one or more component values are changed.
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