Audio Resource Link:
Taiwan Audio Association: Largest audio association in Taiwan, organizing of Hi-End audio show yearly. 
The audio Engineering Society: New York
Stereophile audio magazine: American Hi-End audio magazine.
TAS audio magazine
Dutch audio magazine: The Dutch Hi End audio magazine
Nelson Pass LAbs: DIY power amplifiers
Car Audio: Car audio and Electronics
True Audio: Speak topics for system designing
Home theater magazine   美國家庭劇院系統雜誌...etc出版刊物
Liberty Instruments, Incorporated: Ohio USA, Software for loud speaker measuring system-AUDIOSUITE
The Absolutesound: The Hi-End audio journal, USA美國絕對音響雜誌,
Domestic CD Software Web Sites: 國內CD唱片軟體資訊, EMI, 韻順唱片, 古典音樂雜誌...
Scan-Speak A/S代理丹麥Scan-Speak喇叭單體廠
Vifa-Speak A/S:   代理丹麥Vifa-Speak喇叭單體廠
Western Electric Tubes:   代理美國WE西屋電子管球
Audio Publishers Association: 美國音響出版刊物協會

Software Download Link:
Shareware download:  各種免費和分享軟體下載 All the Freeware & shareware you want
Download Software各種軟體下載 All of software downloading
File Search download:  Internet軟體排行與搜尋下載 Hot internet programs
FTP search: 挪威FTP檔案搜尋
Local Archie Search: 中央大學檔案搜尋
Goody Utility downloads from Cyberzone: 許多工具軟體Freeware下載


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