BHC/Aerovox power filtering electrolytic capacitor, UK mfg.

The most recommended capacitor for main power filtering, newly built and modified for better sound


ALS10 series (screw terminals-plain and stud mountings)
Designed to meet the requirements of large inverters, power supplies, welding applications, and many other industrial and professional uses.
Computer grade, high ripple current, Pro applications, tol.-10%+50%, temp +85°C,blue sleeving in white marking

Working voltage/Capacitance, Dimension (D X H)
63V/22000 uf, 50x105mm
63V/68000 uf, 76x146mm
100V/10000 uf, 65x105mm
100V/15000 uf, 64x105mm
100V/33000 uf, 76x146mm
450V/68 uf, 35x56mm
450V/100 uf, 35x82mm
450V/150 uf, 35x105mm
450V/330 uf, 50x82mm
450V/2200 uf, 76x146mm

ALS30/40 series (screw terminals- plain and stud mountings)
This range offers high CV per unit volume coupled with high ripple currents and long life performance.
They are also capable of handling high peak voltages and currents.
Capacitance tol. +/-20%, Temp. +85°C
black sleeving in golden marking

Working voltage/Capacitance, Dimension (D X H)
100V/10,000 uf, 51 x 105mm,105°C
100V/15,000 uf,  51 x 105mm, 105°C
100V/22,000 uf, 65 x 105mm
100V/33000 uf,  76 x 105mm
100V/33,000 uf, 76 x 146mm,105°C
450V/330 uf,  36 x 62mm
450V/470 uf,  36 x 82mm
500V/68uf, 36 x 52mm new
500V/330uf, 36 x 82mm new
600V/100 uf,  36 x 62mm
600V/220 uf,  36 x 105mm
600V/470 uf,  51 x 105mm

ALS20/30 series(screw terminals-plain and stud mountings)
This range of professional grade components offers high levels of reliability and performance with outstanding high frequency characteristics. Ideally suited to high efficiency power supply and inverter applications
high ripple current, low level of ESR and impedance, High voltage/current, tol. -10%+50%, temp. +85°C
black sleeving in golden marking

Working voltage/Capacitance, Dimension (D X H)
63V/10000 uf,  36 x 88 mm
63V/15000 uf,  50 x 75 mm
63V/22000 uf,  50 x 105 mm
63V/33000 uf, 50 x 105 mm
63V/47000 uf,  66 x 105 mm
63V/68000 uf,  76 x 140 mm
100V/1000 uf,  35 x 52 mm
100V/15000 uf,  76 x 140 mm
450V/220 uf,  36 x 62mm
450V/470 uf,  50 x 75/36x82mm
450V/1000 uf, 65 x 105mm
500V/47 uf,  36 x 52mm
500V/68 uf, 36 x 52mm
500V/100 uf, 36 x 52 mm
500V/220 uf, 36 x 82 mm
500V/330 uf, 36 x 82mm

500V/820 uf, 50 x 105mm

ALC10/20/40 (snap-in terminations,solder type)
Ideally suited for use in industrial and commercial applications such as switch mode power supplies and energy storage circuits
Small size, Long life, Very high voltage/current, low ESR and impedance, main power supply design and applications,tol. +/-20%, temp. +85°C
black sleeving in golden marking

Working voltage/Capacitance, Dimension (D X H)
16V/6800 uf,  22 x 31mm
16V/10,000 uf, 22 x 40mm, new
25V/4,700 uf, 22 x 30 mm new
40V/2200 uf,  22 x 30 mm
40V/3300 uf,  25 x 30 mm
40V/3300 uf, 22 x 40mm, new
40V/4700 uf, 25 x 40 mm
40V/4700 uf, 22 x 40 mm,105°C
40V/6800 uf, 30 x 35mm,105°C
40V/6800 uf, 30 x 40 mm
40V/10000 uf, 35 x 35 mm
50V/470 uf,   22 x 30mm
63V/1000 uf, 22 x 30 mm
63V/2200 uf, 25 x 30 mm
63V/4700 uf, 30 x 40 mm
63V/6800 uf, 30 x 50 mm
63V/10,000 uf, 35 x 75 mm
100V/1500 uf, 30 x 40 mm
250V/100 uf, 25 x 30 mm
250V/150 uf, 25 x 35 mm
250V/220 uf, 25 x 35 mm
250V/330 uf, 35 x 35 mm
250V/470 uf, 30 x 40 mm
250V/820 uf, 35 x 50 mm
25V/4700 uf, 22 x30 mm
450V/22 uf, 22 x 30 mm,105°C
450V/33 uf, 22 x 30 mm,105°C
450V/47 uf, 25 x 30 mm,105°C
450V/100 uf, 30 x 40 mm,105°C
25V/10,000 uf, 25 x 35mm,105°C
25V/22,000 uf, 35 x 35mm105°C

ALP20 (solder pin style)
Long life grade, low e.s.r., high ripple current rating and outstandingly good high frequency impedance, tol. -10%+30%, temp. +85°C
black sleeving in golden marking

Working voltage/Capacitance, Dimension (D X H)
40V/4700 uf,  35 x 45 mm, 3 pin
40V/6800 uf,  35 x 55 mm, 3 pin
450V/47 uf,  25 x 35 mm, 3 pin
450V/150 uf,  35 x 55mm

Mounting Clips for Alum. Electrolytic capacitors
Vertical Mounting, Zinc plate steel, thickness 1.2mm
* When using mounnting clamps care should be taken not to obscure any safety vent in the can.
Dimmensions mm

Type Can Dia. Overover(W) Overover(H) Fixing hole
Please contact for other specifications and capacitance
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