The Ideal Volume Control for Music Lover

CT1 stereo CT1 audio attenuator

The Danish Audio connect's(DACT) CT1 is a high quality stepped 24-position attenuator or volume control for high quality amplifiers and other equipment that you can ever owned nowadays.

It is supplied in a two channel (stereo) version with two individual Printed Circuit Boards mounted on a two wafer rotary switch. The series resistor network consists of 23 non-inductive low noise SMD metal film resistors.
The layout of the PC Boards and the choice of resistors has reduced the signal path to a minimum length (Patent is Pending).

All contacts and PC Board traces are gold plated to ensure long-term reliability.
The rotary switch is a gold plated high precision switch manufactured in Switzerland and is a make-before-break type.
The CTl is designed for maximum sound quality, accuracy and reliability.
Standard impedance in stereo are 10K, 20K, 50K, 100K and 250K ohm,  ohmic law type A.
Mono type impedance are 10K, 100K & 250K. Ohmic law type A.
Other custom designed versions are offered.

CT1-2-4 4 wafer version for truly balanced stereo


  • Volume control for high quality Hi-Fi amplifiers etc.
  • Volume control for professional audio equipment
  • Attenuator in measuring and test equipment
  • Upgrading existing equipment


  • Low noise, metal film SMD resistor network
  • Very compact design
  • Entire signal path excluding resistors is
  • gold plated
  • Five times shorter signal path
  • Reduced inductance and stray capacitance


  • Improved sound quality
  • Improved accuracy
  • Improved reliability
  • Increased bandwidth
  • Improve tracking between the two channels
  • Reduced distortion

    31 x 37 x 71mm(L)

    CT2-2-6 Stepped Audio Attenuator, 6 Deck version for Home Theatre/AV Audio
    * for application of 5.1 channel system

    CT2-2-8 Stepped Audio Attenuator, 8 Channel for 7.1 Channel Home Theatre/AV Audio
    *for applications of 7.1 channel system

    The 8-gang attenuators feature 24 positions like the other DACT audio attenuators, and same unique specifications like for instance:
              -  Bandwidth (10kOhm):      50MHz
              -  Channel matching:           +/-0.05dB
              -  THD:                               0.0001%
              -  Mechanical life, min.:        25,000 cycles

    CT3-2-5 Audio Input Selector Switch
    Special design for audio input selection, simultaneously switch both signal and grounding.
    Effectively and ideal construction to minimize noise or coupling sound from ground side.

    5 step input selector with gold plating contacts

    CT4-2-23 Stepped Attenuator Balanced controller
    (B type, with 12 step attenuating each channel)
    Stock impedance values in 2 5k & 250K.

    CT101 Line Stage Amp

    DACT CT101 Line Stage Amp.,stereo
    DACT CT101+CT1 buffer«e¯Å

    (ex. CT1 + CT101 assembled & installed module)
    CT101 Line Stage module
    Gain(selectable): 0, 6©Î12 dB
    Bandwidth(at 0 dB gain): 25 MHz
    Slew rate(at 0 dB gain): 500 V/uS
    S/N ratio(IHF A): 112 dB
    THD: 0.0002 %
    Output resistance: 0.1 ohm
    Channel matching: +/- 0.05 dB
    PCB dimensions: 100 x 34 mm


    CT100 Phono RIAA Stage Module

    DACT CT100 RIAA Stage amp.
    CT100 Phono Stage Module data sheet

    CT100 Phono RIAA Stage module
    Gain(selectable): 40 ¨ì 80 dB
    RIAA eq. deviation: +/- 0.05 dB
    S/N ratio(40/80 dB gain): 98/71 dB
    THD: 0.0003 %
    Output resistance: 0.1 ohm
    Channel separation: 120 dB
    Bandwidth: 2 MHz
    PCB dimensions: 105 x 63 mm

    CT102 Hi-End Audio Power Supply 

    CT102 Hi-End Audio Power Supply module

    Key Specifications/Features:

    - Ready-assmbled module, tested, ready for connecting to audio electronics circuits
    - Includes 100-250VAC mains adapter ready for connecting to the mains
    - Output voltage (customer selectable): +/-15VDC or +/-20VDC
    - Max. output current: 200mA
    - Peak output current: 10A min.
    - Output shortcircuit protected
    - Output impedance:
         0.001ohm at 1kHz
         0.002ohm at 20kHz
         0.006ohm at 100kHz
    - Output noise (IHF A): -126dB
    - PCB dimensions (L x W): 100mm x 90mm (3.54” x 3.94”)
    - Reduced capacitative coupling to the mains by using filtered switch mode mains adapter

    CT-conn1  Interconnect wire set for CT series 

    CT-conn1 Interconnect wire set
    - Design to use for DACT audio kits
    - Silver plated copper wire with gold plated pin on plug
    - each with 3 wire of length 30cm(12"), teflon isolation

    CT1 Review from HI-FI WORLD SUPPLEMENT on April 1998
    Contact for other specifications & requirements not listed on above
    Last updated:9/7/07.