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Now in stock !
The TAA 24th Taiwan international Hi-End show memory vinyl LP, LP conceived, produced and recorded by Giulio Cesare Ricci.
bared LP manufactured in Germany.
For about titles, please refer to TAA's web page for details.(8/21/14)

Cardas RCA or XLR/Mini XLR adaptor in stock now
New arrival Square type 'OdiO' pure silver wire on 0.8mm and 2.0mm

RIFA PHE169 105°C
63v/10,000uf 50 x 95mm, at NT$850/pc
63v/22,000uf 75 x 105mm, at NT$1150/pc
63v/33,000uf 75 x 105mm , at NT$2400/pc
100v/33,000uf 75 x 145mm,85°C, at NT$2800/pc

Op. Amp. Analog Device AD827SQ& AD827AQ are arrived

ALPS RK27712MA 100K Rotary Motor-driven Potentiometers in stock
USA Mills wirewound resistors MRA10, MRA5 both arrived

Long expected all new brand Odiocap now arrived, OEM to UK.
You can hear the difference(4/13/04)

TOSHIBA 2SK1530 + 2SJ201 120W Power mos-FET now in stock(4/13/04)

BB Op. Amp. IC
Burr Brown OP627AM & 627SM sold
627BM in stock now (12/15/03)

Just arrived HUBBLE 8215C in black housing
Welcome OEM customer inquiries(12/15/03)

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