aluminum solid capacitors with organic semiconductive electrolyte
     Made in Japan by SANYO

  • Optimum for digital audio and Hi-Fi VCR
  • Solid electrolyte and resin-sealed structure, it doesn't expose the phenomenon of element vibration
  • Adopted OFC(Oxygen Free Copper) into lead terminals for improvement of tone quality
  • High Cost/Performance capacitors for audio modifications, specially when space is limited
  • Operating temperature range -55ºC to 105ºC
  • Capacitance tolerance at +/-20%
SG series stock values
        10uf/16V   6.3mm(D) x 6.8mm(L)  
           22uf/16V   6.3mm(D) x 6.8mm(L) 
           22uf/20V   6.3mm(D) x 6.8mm(L) 
           33uf/16V   6.3mm(D) x 6.8mm(L)* 
           47uf/16V   6.3mm(D) x 9.8mm(L) 
           100uf/16V 8mm(D) x 10.5mm(L) *

           220uf/10V  10mm(D) x 10.5mm(L) 
           470uf/16V  12.5mm(D) x 22mm(L)* 
           1000uf/16V 16mm(D) x 25mm(L)* 

           10uf/25V      6.3mm(D) x 6.8mm(L)
           22uf/25V     8 mm(D) x 10.5mm(L)
- Marked with '*' is discontinued item and no stock

SA/SC series value list
           10uf/16V   6.3mm(D) x 6.8mm(L)* 
           22uf/16V   6.3mm(D) x 9.8mm(L)* 

           33uf/16V   6.3mm(D) x 9.8mm(L) 
           47uf/16V   6.3mm(D) x 9.8mm(L)* 
           100uf/16V 6.3mm(D) x 9.8mm(L) 
           220uf/10V  10mm(D) x 10.5mm(L)* 
           1uf/25V      4mm(D) x 6.8mm(L)  *

- Marked with '*' is discontinued item and no stock

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Last updated on 3/29/09